• Agenda

    A day full of hope where you wil learn how data is used to build a better world

    Full day Data Innovation Summit

    45 Presentations - 8 Workshops - Trainings - Networking

    Full-day event taking place each year in Brussels. This is the 3rd edition.

    This year’s theme is Using Data to Build a Better World, #Data4Good.

    The Summit takes place at the ING Marnix building in central of Brussels, on 30th March 2017. We bring you over 40 speakers, some of the brightest minds in technology, to deliver unique presentations – all of them ‘Made in Europe’.

    C-Level Workshop on March 29th

    by Kirk Borne

    This is comprised by 3h executive class on March 29th starting at 15:30 followed by an executive dinner on the top floor of the ING building.


    Attend Workshops & Trainings

    8 in depth workshops

    During the summit we have organised 8 technical workshops. These workshops are brought to you by the training partners of the di-Academy.

    By using the discount code of the training partner you get access to his workshop.

    Meet Passioned Speakers

    over 45 speakers

    Over 40 speakers will share their passion and knowledge with you and explain you how they believe data can be used to build a better world.

    Discuss with Innovation Drivers

    over 20 partners

    You will have the possibility to meet and network with companies that are recruiting experts like you or offering their services.

    Do lots of networking

    over 400 data experts will be present

    The floor is yours, network with every opportunity you get during the day using Conversation starter application, available for you at the event.

  • Planning from 8:00 to 10:30

    8:00 Registration, Welcome coffee & Networking

    Troonstraat 1, 1000 Brussels

    Don't forget to bring your ticket

    8:45 Intro into the day

    Main Room - Philippe Van Impe

    Philippe tells us what we can expect from the 3rd edition of Data innovation Summit 2017.

    08:50 Our host kicks off the day

    Main Room - Nele Coghe

    08:55 A Warm Welcome from ING

    Main Room - Speaker from ING

    ING kicks off the day where we will hear how data is used to build a better world.

    9:00 Mobile network data, a lever for augmented contextual insights

    Main Room - Jan Sonck

    Telecom mobile network data has proven to be a valuable information source, to build a digital footprint and, to put context in motion.

    09:15 Can A.I. help us build a better world ?

    Main Room - Filip Maertens

    Is A.I. capable of bringing us into a better world? A question we can answer only through realistic expectations.

    9:30 Data for Good, Lesson from the Frontline

    Main Room - Rishi Nalin Kumar

    Rishi will share DataKindUK's experiences and critical success factors from 3 years of learning-by-doing in using data in the service of humanity.

    09:45 How major corporations can participate to the #data4good initiative

    Main Room - Serge Masyn

    Serge initiated the denguehack.org hackathon we have done in November 2016.

    10:00 Machine learning sucks

    Main Room - Pieter Buteneers

    Getting Machine Learning to work is a real pain in the ass, it sucks really, but you can do amazing stuff with it!

    10:15 Preventing suicide using text analytics

    Main Room - Jos Polfliet

    Using NLP and machine learning approaches on social media data, we can predict the risk of suicide and mental health issues in teenagers.

  • 10:30 to 11:00 Coffee and Networking

    Begin your Networking day with Conversation Starter

  • 11:00 to 12:45 - Main Room - 12 min pitches

    What we desperately need are ethical algorithms

    by Pierre-Nicolas Schwab

    Fairness is at the heart of each relationship. Why would algorithms be any different ? More ethics is need to avoid failures of the past.

    Success and failure in data analytics projects. What have we learned?

    By Kris Peeters

    Predicting Absenteeism

    By Geert Vertraeten

    Geert will share his knowhow about how your boss can predict your burnout before you had it.

    Data in Africa

    By Frédéric Pivetta

    Presentation about a development project done in Africa.

    How Artificial Intelligence can “solve” cancer

    By Elena Bonfiglioli

    Use and pitfalls of Data Fusion

    By Istvan Hajnal

    Data fusion is a technique with a long history in many fields. It can be an interesting tool for data scientists provided it is used with care and in the right circumstances.

    How smart is digital twin?

    By<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Tine Vandenbreeden

    <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Soon all people and things will have a digital twin. Discover how this concept helps Arctic Wind maintain the world's most arctic wind farm.  

  • Morning Workshops

    10:45 to 12:45 - Great workshops - Great trainings - Great Partners

    Machine Learning using Python

    Hands-On Room

    Pieter from Playn and his colleague will lead a class of 40 people through their first hands-on exercise using python to do some machine learning project. Please bring your own laptop and take a first look at Python.

    Managing projects in Predictive Analytics

    Oval Room

    A workshop designed for managers to work on the value of predictive analytics.This workshop provides a backbone for defining and managing projects in Predictive Analytics that maximally impact the organisation. The focus will be on the key elements needed for managers to obtain success through predictive analytics.

    Introduction to Hadoop

    Round A

    Big Data Architecture

    Round B

    Our training partner Keyrus will share with you an overview of big data architecture.

  • 12:45 to 14:00 Lunch

    Continue your Networking day with Conversation Starter​

  • Main Room - 5 min ignite pitches

    Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

    ICITY.Brussels - boosting ICT innovation in the capital of Europe

    By Claudio Truzzi

    Strengthening Brussels' economic, social and territorial cohesion through innovation in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

    Using Open Data to fuel LegalTech innovation

    by Eric Rodriguez

    Deep learning on biomedical images

    by Ruben Hemelings

    The human retina holds more information on one's health than expected. How to optimise diagnosis in an era of deep learning?

    Big data graal or curse ?

    by Florent Richy

    Big data in Pharma is misused at best

    Use case: building a recommendation engine for baby names

    by Kasper Van Lombeek

    Can we recommend a baby name based on 18 questions and a lot of open data?

    Automatic monitoring for Cyberspace Applications

    by David Verstraeten

    AMICA is a research project aimed at mining text and media from social media data for detecting harmful content

    Empowering Female Entrepreneurs Using Technology

    by Nadia Aime

    Why women's empowerment is essential for sustainable development.

    Predicting imbalances in electricity network

    by Jean-Francois Raman

    Gradient boosted trees for short term imbalance projections in the high-voltage electricity network using near real-time data.

    Regression trees in education:Explaining the added value of schools in a flexible way

    by Fritz Schiltz

    Applying state-of-the-art methodologies in econometrics and computer sciences, we offer insights into the complex world of education policy.

    ML for sustainable building design

    by Sundar Singaravel

    Increasing data availability together with machine learning provides us with the opportunity to evaluate building design with real data.

    Empowering good causes to spread the word

    by Céline Bouton

    Fostering online influence and collaboration by handing years of experience to positive organisations.

    Do's and don'ts on your data project

    by Elie Jesuran

  • Afternoon Workshops

    We've got a the best partners in the world !

    Introduction to Tensorflow

    Hands-On Room

    By Nicolas Deruytter

    Open Source & commercial analytical software

    Oval Room - 13:45 to 14:45

    Natalino Busa (Teradata) will share the knowhow on the topic.

    Digitalisation in 2017

    Oval Room - 14:45 to 15:45

    By Stephen Brobst (Teradata)

    Digital Boardroom

    Round A

    This workshop will be delivered to you by SAP

    Watson Data Platform: a new cognitive way of working with data and analytics

    Round B

    In this workshop, we will bring you 4 Speakers from IBM:


    1. Ann-Elise Delbecq & Niko Tambuyser: Watson Data Platform
    2. Willem Hendriks: Data Science Experience
    3. Willem Hendriks: Machine Learning
    4. Luc Goossens: Watson Analytics + Social Media

  • 15:45 to 16:15 Coffee and Networking

    Continue Networking using Conversation Starter

  • 16:15 - Main Room - Closing Keynotes

    Smartcity and open data

    by Bianca Debaets

    A Data-rich World for a Better World: From Sensors to Sense-Making

    by Kirk Borne

    The world is data-rich. Let us use that data, with the power of analytics and data science, to make a better world.

  • 17:30: Drinks and Networking

    Start your Networking day with Conversation Starter

    What about a well deserved beer in the Foyer

  • Speakers

    We've got a top notch team!


    Host of the day








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    Workshop Speaker


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    Workshop Trainer


    12' Talk


    12' Talk


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    Workshop Trainer


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